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The company’s mission is to be the most trustworthy investment enterprise in the world with a presence in all verticals that are present in the industry. This includes investment in the field of agriculture, information technology. In the near future, it hopes to be the major business enterprise in the UAE.


The company appreciates that the future will greatly rely on revolutionary Technology, vibrant infrastructure, and digital currency. As such, it is ready to leverage the challenges that are presented and change it into an opportunity for growth and development. It is a vision that seeks to come up with an invincible way of conducting cross-cutting trade across all industries.


The company takes into consideration the ethical values underpinning Islam and religious diversity. Therefore, it emphasizes honesty, transparency, and unity in the conduct of business. Additionally, it holds that the MLM. that Silwana Diamond seeks to introduce will bring together the economy within a centralized environment.

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Silwana Diamond Group believes in the significance of good governance. The reason for this is to promote the long-term interests and objectives of all the stakeholders that it serves. It is also meant to ensure that its Board is accountable for their actions, and enhance the public trust in the organization. The company’s Board is elected by shareholders to ensure that the long-term well-being and general success of the enterprise as well as its financial strength are positive. In reality, the Board is tasked with making overall decisions within the company. The corporate governance within the company is guided by the Corporate Governance Guidelines, the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, and Bylaws. It also uses the charters that each Board committee uses and the Company’s Codes of Business Conduct. Critically, the Board also chooses and regulates the activities of the senior management in running the company.

Silwana Diamond Group is actively involved in activities that protect the planet Earth. This is achieved through the entrenchment of practices that are environmentally acceptable and sustainable. This is part of its core Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aim of ensuring that its services do not have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, it uses its expertise, global networks, and resources to positively impact on human beings and the environment. This is supported by a firm belief that a safe and healthy work environment can support healthy human beings.

Silwana Diamond Group participates in CSR activities to improve the lives of people. As it seeks to be profitable to the investors, the company aims at advocating for social change. Notably, it implements social responsibility initiatives through philanthropic acts that mirror its core values of seeking to positively change the lives of people. The CSR focuses on the protection of the environment and avoiding acts that may adversely affect it. It also organizes and participates in activities that appreciate humanity’s culture and development. It supports activities that promote good health by ensuring that its processes and services are aimed at making life better, simpler, and easier for end-users and customers. This is also based on the culture of giving back to the community that supports the activities of the company.

Silwana Diamond Group’s policies are based on integrity and honest practices. Any director, officer, and employee that represents the company must act based on the highest possible ethical standards that also comply with the relevant state laws. This is guided by the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that promotes honest and ethical conduct. Apart from the values that the company espouses, it endeavors to maintain a corporate climate that values the dignity and integrity of each employee. These standards help it to be a respectable company that operates in Dubai and other countries.

The company’s decisions and policies are guided by the need to be transparent. Apart from holding ethics and good conduct, the communication system within the company is connected to the Silwana Diamond Risk Manager for faster reporting of illegal or unethical activities if they occur. It also recognizes that the whistleblowers can be its employees, suppliers, clients, or contractors amongst others as long as an illegal activity is detected. It also commits to hide the identity of the whistleblower to safeguard the reputation of Silwana Diamond Group.

The company offers a flexible business model that can be used to recruit skilled human resources from abroad or deployment from the internal personnel. This helps in increasing the competitiveness of such companies through the minimization of the costs of production, an increase in research and development as well as accessing new markets.

This includes the provision of infrastructure for the network, security, storage, virtualization, maintenance as well as increasing the level of service. It is also meant to increase the return on investment to the clients. Additionally, the company offers integrated information and communication services and solutions to the clientele in a secure platform.

Silwana Diamond Group has partnered with Amazon, whereby it is registered as Amazon Seller after it purchased warehouses for the US $ 250 million. As such, it has warehouses in many parts of the world such as in the United States, where it has four of them located in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Florida. It also has two houses in Ontario and Alberta in Canada. There are three in Germany while the United Kingdom has two of them. This is in addition to the eight that are founded in the UAE. The costs of the warehouses act as a protective fund for the parent company Silwana Diamond Group. However, the company already owns the warehouses under question. The collaboration acknowledges that Amazon Seller is the largest universal online store with almost 53 percent of the procurements done through this online platform. Moreover, the procurements that the company engages in are carried out directly with Chinese and other global factories. Thereafter, the products can be transported or shipped to the warehouses that the company owns globally. Here, the role that Amazon Seller plays is to market, ship, and sell the products to the interested clients. This form of collaboration has helped the company to reach wider markets globally. It is also cost-effective and enables it to cut on some avoidable costs. This has helped it to attain a competitive edge over rivals within the same line of business. It is an indicator that Silwana Diamond Group has also embraced e-commerce as a way of reaching out to the market.

We are the leaders in the Investing industries and trade. We’re world wide. We never give up on the challenges.

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