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The company believes in bringing people together through holding events. Under such an arrangement, Silwana Diamond Group seeks to make peoples’ futures to be better by offering different features within its products. Besides, it assures its clientele that it is a reliable provider of information concerning accommodation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Joy of eating

Amongst the events that it has previously and continues to organize is the bringing together of its customers and young investors on the 12th day of Ramadan in Dubai and Egypt. During such meets, the investors have the chance of sampling different international trends and cuisines as they eat.

Awards winning Mother’s Day

Since 2011, the company has also been appreciating the role of mothers in society. These events are held during Mother’s Day when it offers financial assistance and presents to employees who are mothers.


Celebrating Success Together

Annually, the company holds the Silwana Diamonds Yearly Investors, Partners & Shareholders Meeting to celebrate the success that it has achieved through collaboration with investors, partners, customers, and other stakeholders related to the company. All these events are held based on the assumption that events inspire people to establish healthy and long-lasting relationships with one another. At times, it holds these events through digital communication platforms to enable human interactions globally. Silwana Diamond Group has also used these events to create links and trust between clients and companies. They also offer distinctive platforms for informing people about the core values and vision of the company in the pursuit of its business objectives regionally and globally. This has given it the much-needed visibility that it requires.

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