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Food & Farmer Marketplace

Silwana Diamond Group offers a common marketplace, where is reasserts that prosperity meets agriculture. In achieving this objective, the company argues that agribusiness brings together multiple opportunities in the food, farming, and agricultural industry. The company also emphasizes that its research and development department has developed Nanotechnology that can help in minimizing the unwanted challenges, which can be experienced in farming as well as human health. Therefore, it believes that it can improve food security and productivity in societies as well as support for social and economic equalities. It also seeks to create one of the biggest platforms that allow farmers and buyers globally to meet their objectives. This is meant to get rid of the middlemen that take up the earnings of the exact producers; hence impoverishing some of them. The company does not only operate in the UAE, but is also the investment vehicle of choice for companies that operate in the world, and would want to succeed in bridging connections between food and the farmer marketplace. This will bring benefits to producers, marketers, and targeted consumers that seek food and market foodstuff products.

Agriculture & Livestock Products

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Silwana Farming Profile

Silwana Diamond Group also takes part in providing foodstuff agriculture as well as industrial projects that are targeted at the agricultural sector in developing nations. As such, it collaborates with local populations in agricultural activities to create income-generating and employment opportunities. However, this is done with the goal of adjusting to the conditions of each nation. It is also carried out in a diverse manner that involves the farming of crops and livestock that is likely to impact the lives of many communities. This is guided by the vision to establish agricultural farms that can be well-managed with the aim of improving operations, sales, and profitability of the agricultural products. The approach that the company uses is to use its first-rated professional managers to efficiently manage the farms to achieve the set objectives. Besides, the company uses a management and operation mechanism that recruits and trains all the human resources to fulfill their functions. The above guarantees certain solutions and benefits for farm produce that has benefited many communities. This includes the creation of job opportunities for the regions, people, and countries in which it operates. Further, the company has established model agriculture farms and production centers that can produce products that can meet the market demands. All this is supported by Silwana Diamond Group’s industrial facilities and logistic centers, agricultural research and development. It also has poultry, dairies, cattle, goats and sheep, aquaculture, greenhouses and nurseries, irrigation, and infrastructural segments that support the overall operation of the company.

Industrial Machines

Silwana Diamond Group aims to build a better tomorrow through the input of industrial machines. These include tower lights such as the Max Boom which is at a massive height of 9 meters. It is a safe and reliable mast that also operates manually. Amongst its other specifications is that it is a state of the art digital control tower that also has a weatherproof enclosure and a galvanized coating tower. In order to make its users’ power solutions to be sustainable, it offers switch gears solutions that incorporate Automatic Transfer Switch. This guarantees the users easy switching between two sources of power, in case of power failures. The company also offers synchronizing and paralleling system that can control gears and switch them whenever necessary. This system includes breakers, protection relays, and meters that can assist in the desire for synchronization. The company is also engaged in renting equipment, especially generators that are aimed at offering short-term power solutions. They also fulfill the power needs that require to be moved from one point to another. The renting of generators that Silwana Diamond Group provides depends on the time that it is required, the accessories or accompanying equipment as well as delivery amongst other factors. The company can also install it or provide training and management of the generator if called upon. Essentially, the Rental Division of the Silwana Diamond Group has emerged as one of the largest power solutions equipment providers in the Middle East because of its excellent services and extensive network.

Spare Parts & Maintenance

Silwana Diamond Group admits that everything in this life requires spare parts and maintenance. Therefore, it admits that the need to satisfy the customers’ needs can be met if there are adequate spare parts and the ability to maintain the machinery that it provides. It stocks genuine spare parts that are compatible and can enhance the performance of machines. Additionally, it selects only the genuine and original spare parts that can boost the productivity of a machine. It also provides industry-exclusive products that include roller chain drives, inductive and capacitive sensors, motors and gear motors, and conveyor chains. Besides, the company also provides industry solutions in the maintenance, installation, testing, and commissioning as well as customer support whenever necessary. Under the same unit, the company admits that it has taken a larger share of the market in the UAE, and needs to expand into other regions. Therefore, it seeks the approval of multiple African nations to be a distributor of spare parts and maintenance of machinery. Apart from the operations in Ivory Coast, the company seeks to expand into Uganda for maintenance contracts. This support to clients is unparalleled in the world as the company also offers after-sales services to the clientele. The significance of this is that the flawless services and customer support that Silwana Diamond Group offers guarantees it a large market share in the sales and distribution of spare parts as well as the maintenance of machinery in the UAE and other parts of the world.

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