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The price of the GOGOL COIN is likely to rise in the coming seven years. This is because of its connection with the GOLD investment and an increase in the invested assets volume. This is because the US $ 500 Million is worth 10 Tons and 204 Kilograms of Gold. Unlike any other cryptocurrency, the GOGOL COIN is not dependent on the number of users in the determination of its price. However, it depends on increasing its assets concerning that of Gold within the Blockchain system. This will be the case until it is initiated within the Global Cryptocurrency Platforms in the year 2027. It is also imperative that it is not advisable to share the Cryptocurrency Wallet Private Key with members of the public, as anyone with this key can access the wallet. Additionally, the GOGOL COIN Ownership will be activated in the year 2027, and the Ownership Certificate will be only given to the Active Users found within the Referral Platform. An Active User is the one who has three active members downwards within the GOGOL COIN Tree. Silwana Diamond Group will grant an accredited GOGOL COIN certificate acknowledged by the Blockchain as proof of ownership for every investor. This contains such an investor’s Private and Public Key in the Form of a Cryptocurrency Paper Wallet. This should also not be shared with the public as it has Private Keys.


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Silwana Diamond is a group of Companies that includes Investment Services, Real Estate, Technology, Agriculture, Trading, Cryptocurrency, and Power Generation.

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Our Referral Platform is not just an “Amazing Money & Reward Platform.”

It is the colossal initiative to build a community based on our founding principles.

– Ethics & Respect / Morality & Dignity / Caring & Sharing / Integrity & Honesty

Building “Currency & Community” together

World’s First Referral Platform & Mobile Application which is based on cutting edge BLOCKCHAIN technology

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Get started now with us to earn every day and forever. We accept investment from all over the world.

Founded in year 2011 | Covering 8 industries | 24 Countries 4700+ Clients | 98% Clients retentions

We are Building the Future and Restoring the Past

We are the leaders in the Investing industries and trade. We’re world wide. We never give up on the challenges.

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