Information Technology

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Information Technology

Silwana Diamond Group is a company that prides itself on offering Information Technology solutions spread over different segments as discussed below.


This unit offers business consultation services, implementation, support and maintenance, sourcing and outsourcing resources, staff augmentation, innovations as well as ERP targeted as educational institutions.

Call Center Solutions

The company’s product C-Zentrix, Standalone, and “OMNICHANNEL PLATFORM” offers solutions for voice calls, mail, SMS, social media, CRM applications, ChatBot and RoboCall services.

Emerging Technology

Assists business enterprises with a Dashboard that has relevant information, cloud infrastructure that can be used to improve performance, and increase return on investment ROI. The company is also an expert in BI platforms, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google App engine cloud solutions.

Mobile Application

Silwana Diamond Group offers diverse mobile applications such as iOS, Android, and Windows apps for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). These are developed in the local languages, hybrid, and cross platforms. These are tried and tested applications that are innovative and can meet the business needs of the enterprises and can be easily used.

Silwana and Amazon are partners

Silwana Diamond Group has partnered with Amazon, whereby it is registered at Amazon Seller after it purchased warehouses for the US $ 250 million. As such, it has warehouses in many parts of the world such as in the United States, where it has four of them located in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Florida. It also has two houses in Ontario and Alberta in Canada. There are three in Germany while the United Kingdom has two of them. This is in addition to the eight that are founded in the UAE. The costs of the warehouses act as a protective fund for the parent company Silwana Diamond Group. However, the company already owns the warehouses under question. The collaboration acknowledges that Amazon Seller is the largest universal online store with almost 53 percent of the procurements done through this online platform. Moreover, the procurements that the company engages in are carried out directly with Chinese and other global factories. Thereafter, the products can be transported or shipped to the warehouses that the company owns globally. Here, the role that Amazon Seller is to market, ship, and sell the products to the interested clients. This form of collaboration has helped the company to reach wider markets globally. It is also cost-effective and enables it to cut on some avoidable costs. This has helped it to attain a competitive edge over rivals within the same line of business. It is an indicator that Silwana Diamond Group has also embraced e-commerce as a way of reaching out to the market.

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