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Silwana Brokerage

Ideally located in the heart of Dubai, Silwana Brokerage was founded in 2018 to create a state-of-the-art automated trading platform. Our company provides investors with secure access to several financial markets and the possibility to trade on a 24/5 basis.


Silwana Brokerage provides trading services and facilities to all kinds of clients, whether companies or individuals. We offer the most secure and user-friendly trading conditions, the expert advice of our consultants, and unrestricted access to our liquidity.


Silwana Brokerage guarantees the highest level of online trading, specially tailored to meet the needs of local investors in the United Arab Emirates. We are part of the Silwana Diamond Group. Owned and based in Dubai, the Group is also present in Egypt, Sudan, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, India, and Jordan, where its market experts offer the best services in wealth and asset management, capital market, and trading.

We are Building the Future and Restoring the Past

We are the leaders in the Investing industries and trade. We’re world wide. We never give up on the challenges.

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